Take a trip to Mar del Plata with your family with delta airlines deals

Delta Airlines Deals : Located in the southeast part of Argentina, Mar Del Plata is the second largest city in the province of Buenos Aires in the Atlantic Ocean. Mar del Plata means the Sea of the Plate Region or adjoining sea to the river or plate region. Mar del Plata is said to be one of the major fishing ports and the biggest seaside beach resort in Argentina. You can visit arrays of attractions in this city like Torre Tanque, Saint Michael chalet, Castagnino Museum, Sea Lion Monument, Torreón del Monje, the Mar del Plata Cathedral as well as Edén Palace. Mar del Plata is also known as La Ciudad Feliz (The Happy City), La Perla del Atlántico (The Pearl of the Atlantic) and Mardel. Do delta airlines flights booking at low rates.

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This city is said to be one of the most popular destinations in Argentina. Tourists mainly love to visit this city in the summer season when the climate is humid. During this season, you can also visit over fifty theatrical plays which are hosted by locals as well famous artists. The Mar del Plata International Film Festival is said to be one of the famous festivals in Latin America. This show has a huge fashion parade where all the couture designers reunite and enjoy themselves. You can also become a part of the Fiesta Nacional del Mar (“National Sea Festival”) which takes place during December. Get delta flight deals for low-cost airlines.

You can enjoy the stage plays and shows of the season during the Premios Estrella de Mar (“Sea Star Awards”). You can enjoy your nightlife with your family and friends here. There are a huge variety of pubs and clubs which are located near EscolleraNorte and Constitution Avenue. You can enjoy tasty cuisine and beautiful display of seamen tradition in the Fiesta Nacional de los Pescadores (National Fishermen’s Festival). Take your family and friends to famous museums like The Museum of the Port of Mar del Plata CletoCiocchini and The Museum of Contemporary Art MAR. Delta Airlines tickets deals provide discount airline tickets.

Visit historical monuments with your family to Sao Bernardo do Campo with delta airlines

Located in the state of Sao Paulo, Sao Bernardo do Campo is a Brazilian municipality. It is also said to be one of the metropolitan regions in the region of Sao Paulo. This city has been nicknamed as the Automobile capital by locals and tourists. There are numerous spots in this city where you can sit back and relax with your loved ones and family. Sao Bernardo do Campo has plenty of things to see and do with your families such as beautiful parks, natural spots, appealing museums, natural spots, charming landscapes, historic monuments and many more with your loved ones. You can do cheap united airlines flights booking and goon a family tour to Sao Bernardo do Campo.

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There is no place in this city where you won’t find any place to do entertainment activities or go do sports activities. There are plenty of attractions in Sao Bernardo do Campo and churches and temples are one of them. Some even have been declared as the heritage sites by UNESCO. Made in the 19th century, Iglesia de NossaSenhora da Boa Viagem is a perfect example of the beautiful architecture of the city. This church is the exact replica of the San Marcos church which is famous in Venice. Developed in the Brazilian colonial architecture, Capilla Santa Filomena was built for representation of Italian immigration. Avail delta  airlines reservations and save your earnings.

Take your kids and family to the park of Parque Engenheiro Salvador Arena where you will find a lake, green gardens, an artificial waterfall and many more recreational areas. You will also find Teatro de Arena which is the largest freshwater aquarium in Brazil. After exploration of the park, you can also spend your time in cafes and restaurants with your loved ones or friends. You can enjoy sports activities in the Parque Rafael Lazzuri. This park also has reflecting pools, elegant fountains, etc. Besides sports activities, you can also be a part of events, fairs as well as presentations. Make sure to buy your tickets for Delta Airlines Flights.