Popular Destinations of Greater Sudbury with Delta Airlines Reservations

The largest city of Northern Ontario, Greater Sudbury is a multicultural city, having lively French, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Finnish and Aboriginal communities. The core of this city is completely urbanized, with smaller communities dispersed around the several lakes that encircle the city centre. This city is known for its music, arts and outdoor recreation activities, making it a jewel for tourists. Before you get your Delta Airlines Reservations done.

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Make sure that you known about the popular destinations of Greater Sudbury:

  • Bell Park: This is the largest park that sits along the edge of Ramsey Lake near Downtown Sudbury. This place houses an amphitheatre, a children’s playground, two gazebos and many flowerbeds. It also boasts a beach filled with summer lifeguard supervision. The park also features numerous sculptures to display the mining history of the city. It also hosts numerous cultural events of the city.
  • Inco Superstack: This is not only the tallest chimney in the country, but is also the second tallest freestanding chimney on the planet. This is situated on top of the world’s biggest nickel smelting operation so as to disperse sulphur gases. It is no longer in use, but rather has become a major attraction. The chimney is the same height as the Empire State Building’s rooftop.
  • Lake Laurentian Conservation Area: Located at the south end of the city, expanding from Lake Ramsey to the Southeast Bypass this is an incredible conservation area that is filled with wildlife, trails and lakes. The conservation area is a nature lover’s paradise, as it has a range of topography. Lake Laurentian Conservation Area has something to offer for everyone at the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, from open green spaces to bird-watching areas. In addition, there are trails for all fitness levels.
  • Trans Canada Trail: Trans Canada Trail is the longest trail in the world. The trail runs through the whole country, with part of it passing right via Greater Sudbury. You can cycle or hike along the trail.

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