Best Surf Locations in Canada Which You Must See

The chilly rivers, oceans and lakes of Canada may not be the first places that come to mind when someone talks about surfing. But a growing river surfing population is increasing the presence of world-class water destinations of Canada and assisting to make the nation a leading year-round surfing destination with delta airlines reservations.

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If you think surfing is something you actually want to invest money and time into, then here are a few of the best places to ride the waves in Canada

  • Kananaskis River, Alberta: The Kananaskis River has many scenic river surfing spots. There are several dependable and safe surf spot for beginners as well as larger and more powerful waves with a stronger current. Thus, beginners as well as advanced surfers can come here to enjoy surfing.
  • Lawrencetown Beach, Halifax: This is Atlantic Canada’s most well-known surf spot. This beach is frequented by local and international surfers. Although surfing can be enjoyed throughout the year at Lawrenctown Beach, in the winter and during the fall hurricane season waves can reach five metres and higher. Therefore, prior to diving in, one must be sure to talk with local surfers about the area and check the currents and tides.
  • Tofino, British Columbia: Tofino is surf capital of Canada. The area has 35 kms of surfable beach break that can be handled by experienced and beginner surfers. In the winter the waves are highest, though surfing can be had all through the year and water temperatures tend to be around 10 C all through the year. Long Beach is the most popular surf spot situated in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is ideal for all experienced surfers. You can also find this beach crowded with tourists in the summer months.

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Thus, it can be said that Canada boasts an energetic surf culture that offers a varied array of spots to catch a wave.

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